attn @praguepainter – beautifully studied, but overly assertive as to Jeffries’ intent. – 01:26 AM GMT
I fucking hate iOS7 Safari. Can’t handle more than two tabs before force reloading when you swap in, nuking any user-genned form content. – 01:39 AM GMT
it hides the URL in the address bar, which means several aggro taps to attempt to examine and cut/paste/hack. Classic iOS user “protection.” – 01:41 AM GMT
iOS7 remains unmitigated garbage. (i haven’t upgraded yet. I will, once i finish finding every single thing I hate about this version.) – 01:42 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm yeah, but what’s your day job? – 05:52 AM GMT
@ios7disaster downgrade? wha? nonetheless, your iOS viewpoint is also mine. – 08:11 AM GMT
@praguepainter @brownpau oh yeah, I bet so! – 08:11 AM GMT
@brownpau @praguepainter I think he’s reaching a little bit, given that he provides no Jeffries quotes to support his thesis, but so what? – 03:23 PM GMT
@gjcharlet grumble – 03:37 PM GMT
@johnmoe – don’t cry – 03:40 PM GMT
@samantham a castle! – 03:43 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone well done sir! – 11:43 PM GMT
RT: @DanEngler: When my parents were my age, they owned a house, a car, and had 3 kids. But had they scored over 10,000 points in @ThreesGame? I THINK NOT. – 11:57 PM GMT