Women Gleeful at Return of Sponge Contraceptive [NYT]

best quote from the article:

In 1998, Gene Detroyer, a businessman who had started out developing disposable plates and cups for the maker of Hefty bags, heard that the rights to the sponge were for sale. He said he told his partner at Allendale, a scientist who exclaimed, “That’s a great product!”

Mr. Detroyer said he had since read enough letters from women echoing that same thought to believe that the new incarnation of Today would be a big seller. He sees a whole new generation of users among women in their 20’s who were not sexually active when the sponge was available.

“This is going to make millions of women very happy,” Mr. Detroyer said. “As happy as paper plates may make them, this is going to make them happier.”

I also learned that one may purchase not only the Today sponge from Canadian sources, but two other varieties of sponge as well.

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