Broadway Goes Silent As Musicians Strike:

NEW YORK (AP) — The sound of music has stopped on Broadway. Virtually every musical shut down Friday after their musicians went on strike, and actors and stagehands refused to cross picket lines.

Eighteen shows, including such big hits as “Hairspray,” “The Lion King,” “Mamma Mia!” and “La Boheme,” went dark, and producers canceled all performances through Sunday.

Interesting how this went down on the last day of the big Kensapoppin’ story here, eh?

Let me add a handy table of contents to the Kensapoppin’ cycle:

KENSAPOPPIN’: a fond look back (part 1)
KENSAPOPPIN’: a fond look back (part 2)
KENSAPOPPIN’: a fond look back (part 3)

2 thoughts on “I'm just sayin', is all

  1. Interesting indeed. You may be on to something there, Mr. Whybark. May we expect a “Kensapoppin'” exposé soon? Or a seamy tie-in to the national musical industry sweat-shop? I’m thinking you may have started something a little too big

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