Over at Dent’s Glacial Erratics Single Malt Tasting is underway, via a clearly unorthodox method employed by Queer Barney.

I’m a longtime Laphroaig man (when I gots the cabbage and some quirk steers me away from the Mark), but Barney’s endorsement of the Balvenie Doublewood will certainly move me in the direction of the liquor store.

Barney has access to one of the all-time great liquor stores: Big Red Liquors, in three or more convenient locations all over Bloomington, serving first-time drunken sorority girls as well as snobbish alcohol-dependent academics for over three generations.

I see that the feature of the month is a $42.99 bottle of Glenfiddich 15 year.

Mmm, I can still smell the store today. Mmmmm.

Barney, it should be noted, is a groundhog. Is that like a woodchuck?

4 thoughts on “scocth ith yummy

  1. Which do you prefer?

    Or, if neither is complimentary, what is it that you do prefer?

    (I have located the Aberlour 10 y.o. and am tasting it in the human fashion right this second, on the theory that it’s now tea time, and I lack the requisite cucumbers to make sandwiches from)

  2. Have you ever tried the “Glenmorangie 12yr Port Wood Finish?” Heaven, I”m in heaven,andI’m feeling though as I can hardly speak. Imagine th ewonderful taste of a smooth single maltwith the hint of port wine from the casks in which it was “finished”. Definately one not to miss. Save your pennies though. At about $50.00 a bottle,it is one to surely savor with only the best of friends.

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