running is happening again. good. I need to use it to motivate me to reinstall the holodeck in the basement. – 01:17 AM GMT
hm, holodeck possible venue for chromecast, cc -> HDMI / DRM stripper -> ancient projector. Now THAT’s a project. – 01:20 AM GMT
Stream that 7h norwegian train video to the holodeck screen while on treadmill. yes. – 01:21 AM GMT
rent holodeck treadmill time to @whybark, so he can have a photorum while working – 01:22 AM GMT
@whybark we’ll pad the entire area – 01:56 AM GMT
dammit the croissants gotta wait til tomorrow or after dinner. hm. wait a minute. maybe that was my plan all along. Valentine’s pastries. – 02:05 AM GMT
@deathmtn wife kiboshed the saline tank, darn it – 02:45 AM GMT
RT: @brainpicker: The brilliant Victorian novella “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions,” explained with a musical Möbius strip – 02:58 AM GMT
attn @esinclai to prior RT – 02:59 AM GMT
@_py cthuloid monster tentacles whilst clambering upon ye glacier. mmm, tako – 03:06 AM GMT
@IAMLILBUB good job bub – 03:07 AM GMT
wow, I picked up an ATV2 NIB on CL about 2 years ago for $80. CL / ebay today runs $2-300 JB only. – 03:16 AM GMT
Between 1974 and 1979, the Beeb adapted 21 Wodehouse shorts.… – 04:25 AM GMT
attn, i SAY, attn @esinclai and other wodeheads – 04:26 AM GMT
@esinclai mixed extant reviews, wikipedia entry, direct Wodehouse involvement and just now, BLACKFACE holy shit – 04:35 AM GMT
@esinclai episode 2, “Big Business,” wherein the Wodehouse Idiot appears on stage at local church event to sing “Old Man River” – 04:38 AM GMT
VW not fighting union vote in TN, cast as “pro-union” stance. Christ.… – 05:05 AM GMT
on iOS RT: @NekoCase: Isabella Rossellini is a brainy weirdo genius. Such a great role model. – 06:22 AM GMT
@madamjujujive wut – 06:23 AM GMT
@whybark /shakes fist – 06:23 AM GMT
RT: @raju: Tweets using the word ‘snow’ #snowday #snow in the US on Thursday, mapped by – 07:14 AM GMT
RT: @johnmoe: I sure hope my wife likes her Valentine’s Day gift of all of De La Soul’s music. – 04:18 PM GMT
RT: @maxsparber: It’s been more time between when The Waltons debuted and now than between The Waltons and the Depression, when the show was set. – 04:20 PM GMT
@joshmillard take that, FB! – 05:35 PM GMT