@sculpin nor are most! remind me to snap a banjie of my Irish Bacon with wrecked, illoed original skin for yez sometime. Folklife score. – 01:52 AM GMT
RT: @KevinSpacey: @KevinSpacey – 01:52 AM GMT
@edsaperia @LeavittAlone “Despair Squid” – 01:53 AM GMT
@sculpin long enough ago that I blogged it, iirc. the head split since. the illo, in india ink, looks like a certain copyrighted mouse. – 01:55 AM GMT
@sculpin correct – 02:00 AM GMT
@sculpin natch. in the mandolin world it’s called MAS, mandolin acquisition syndrome. – 02:00 AM GMT
@sculpin can’t find the pre-acq shots on the blog, but I (persuasively) drew the neck in an ipad v. intuos excercise: mike.whybark.com/archives/00550… – 02:02 AM GMT
@madamjujujive @PicPedant immediate fave – 02:20 AM GMT
my woman tells me she’s bringing home the steak and cooking it too. – 02:23 AM GMT
Aww yeh, TNG “Timescape” – 03:56 AM GMT
So many “wait, what?” moments and yet still a triumph – 04:05 AM GMT
@BoringPostcards i subbed again and it went thru – 05:15 AM GMT
@PicPedant you need to set that up and scrape/rerun on it. – 06:24 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone m’enfin? google.com/search?q=gasto… – 09:18 PM GMT
@madamjujujive Just spent 2h in the mild spring rain bushwhacking my broadleaf tropicals in 45 degrees. I’m soaked to the bone! – 09:25 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone un Gaston tout a fait faux, je te jure – 09:28 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone deux Gastons entre, il n’ya un qu’rontudguuuu – 09:29 PM GMT
atn @praguepainter QT @beckycloonan “Behold, the bastard’s blade! New shirt for @TheSword m/ indiemerchstore.com/item/24858/ pic.twitter.com/xMPcfR2guI” – 09:31 PM GMT
@beckycloonan @TheSword @arthurwyatt this link led me to yr stuphs, BC. AM NOW FAN. – 09:49 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt found her instagram, fair amount of xpost w/twitter. she would appear to be the right choice for any GoT stuff. – 11:04 PM GMT