aw yeh Balance of Terror – 04:39 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone see, m42s. you know it already. – 04:44 AM GMT
Zombie apocalypse in Raleigh, North Carolina. GOP Legislature at fault. – 04:46 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone my bad, m43 i mean:… – 04:50 AM GMT
my boundless appreciation of even pathetic TOS fan film has roused a specific appreciation of the cinematography of the genuine article – 04:52 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone true true but still! even then I guess initial issue had smooth leather soles, which, uh – 05:00 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone Ike might back you up on a protocol disruption here – 05:10 AM GMT
RT: @ignitesea: King county is the 2nd most linguistically diverse county in the nation. More languages are spoken here than all but 1 other county. #is23 – 05:10 AM GMT
@manwhoyells seatac, for starters – 06:39 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone we can only regret that Ike and Bob Hope never made their D-Day comedy – 06:41 AM GMT
@manwhoyells i feel ya but disagree on technical stuff – 06:41 AM GMT
@manwhoyells if I had to guess what county was #1 i’d say there or possibly LA county due to raw numbers – 06:42 AM GMT
@manwhoyells shenanigans could make us number one! highest language density, number of languages / population, like. – 06:44 AM GMT
@christy_ms @johnpstrohm /sips drink, looks over the top of Barrel Fever, nods – 06:45 AM GMT
@manwhoyells BAM, but NYNY area weaksauce. – 06:49 AM GMT
@manwhoyells but what is this .org? ESL org founded by US Senator SI Hayakawa, of the GOP(!) – 06:52 AM GMT
@DanEngler i was just going to bed, but if you really have to move – 06:53 AM GMT
@xaimeh for *the first time*? Dude! – 05:55 PM GMT
@anticdent the rocking is just an aspergers sidey. has aught to do with les pneus. – 06:02 PM GMT
@sumit un derive! – 08:41 PM GMT
@sumit une? sais pas. – 08:42 PM GMT
@paulconstant oh pshaw – 08:50 PM GMT
@gjcharlet @pjern – 10:14 PM GMT
@gjcharlet death and taxes – 10:17 PM GMT