@arthurwyatt Vogon constructor fleet. 😉 – 12:52 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt am I sposed to flip it? I had no idea, my bad. if i glue some foil to it does that help? RARE FOIL COVER, SIGNED – 01:47 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt Bag it with hi intensity laser pointer! – 01:50 AM GMT
RT: @jackwilliambell: A squirrel. Hiding a nut. In a dog. IN A DOG. i.imgur.com/jpBRyxc.gif #wtf – 06:02 PM GMT
RT: @ftrain: zoiks youtube.com/watch?v=V4UWxl… – 06:10 PM GMT
@brownpau @PicPedant the VCs are slavering for your bizplan, slavering i tell you! – 06:30 PM GMT
RT: @dongatory: I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it. – 08:52 PM GMT
witness the power of disruption – 08:55 PM GMT
@wedgex @ardaniel better hurry, he’s yanking it – 08:56 PM GMT
man, I bet he thinks by pulling the game he shortcircuits the press attention. he’s about to become a legend. – 08:57 PM GMT
@jackwilliambell @arthurwyatt @ardaniel he’s got the motive to just drop out – 3x#1 for 30d @ 50k / d = 4.5m. – 09:11 PM GMT
@jackwilliambell @arthurwyatt @ardaniel avg annual IT salary in Vietnam ~ 5.7k. – 09:11 PM GMT
@jackwilliambell @arthurwyatt @ardaniel so even taking commissions into account, he’s generated more $ than he would in 50 years of work. – 09:13 PM GMT
@jackwilliambell @arthurwyatt @ardaniel (showing work: salary numbers salaryexplorer.com/salary-survey.…) – 09:13 PM GMT
@jackwilliambell @arthurwyatt @ardaniel 10.1m VND = 474 USD pic.twitter.com/hhRXNlIPza – 09:15 PM GMT
@jackwilliambell @arthurwyatt @ardaniel 475*12*50=285k. pic.twitter.com/NtS5FOURpE – 09:17 PM GMT
@jackwilliambell @arthurwyatt @ardaniel granted that 50k/d is sourced from anecdotal game press reportage, therefore subject to revision. – 09:18 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @jackwilliambell @ardaniel should we look for a Flappy Dredd, with flying motorcycle, in near future? – 09:19 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @jackwilliambell @ardaniel so that could be the knockoff game, Flappy Redd. – 09:21 PM GMT
@ardaniel @arthurwyatt @jackwilliambell There was a Bogost column last week, but the charting started in December. – 09:21 PM GMT
@joshmillard can we have your light rail? – 10:19 PM GMT
STARFLEET 2014™ by Micro Games on iOS app store. $32.99. port of a Win8 Surface adaptation of SFB? WTF appsto.re/us/7poCV.i – 10:31 PM GMT