@subbes aw, sorry to hear it. – 02:31 AM GMT
RT: @MarcLaidlaw: In case Seattleites missed last night’s tweet…Miyazaki’s last movie, THE WIND RISES, is coming to Cinerama in a couple weeks. – 05:16 AM GMT
Miyazaki / Cinerama / airplane mooooovie who’s in who’s in? – 05:16 AM GMT
wife asking me for answers to her quizup match. is that ok? is that a thing? should i just make stuff up? – 05:20 AM GMT
@manwhoyells /marks it down – 05:20 AM GMT
@manwhoyells i do, we were both puzzling over non-rotating. the catch: iOS 6.x – 06:11 AM GMT
@manwhoyells Ken Jennings plugged it this weekend on ATC or whatever it’s called on weekends. – 06:12 AM GMT
bedroom temp: no longer in the fifties. we may yet live. – 06:15 AM GMT
@dansinker hell yes. what a fine record. – 02:47 PM GMT
@poupou shortly, and I will! – 04:45 PM GMT
@manwhoyells the update went thru fine, actually. still non rotating, no landscape mode, booo – 04:48 PM GMT
@manwhoyells ha ha, what do you mean “need” ha ha – 04:49 PM GMT
freestyle scathing – 05:02 PM GMT
speed scathing – 05:02 PM GMT
downhill harrow – 05:03 PM GMT
lunch followed by the traditional light electrical work may lead to naptime – 11:52 PM GMT
.@scalzi yay! YAY! That is great news! – 11:53 PM GMT