elderly neighbor’s access paths shoveled! I’m thinking it’s ROCK BAND all day! Can I convince the wife? – 04:54 PM GMT
backyard pic.twitter.com/LWEGsgrstW – 04:55 PM GMT
local light rail handling snow effectively pic.twitter.com/V5iiDXrG8w – 04:59 PM GMT
better street view pic.twitter.com/UBRjouebp8 – 05:04 PM GMT
@kystokes @KPLU woot! welcome to town, be sure to walk around Bton touching things and saying goodbye for me! – 06:08 PM GMT
RT: @ftrain: History will look back and go how did you let these subhuman CEO trash monsters have control over your bodies and well-being? – 06:14 PM GMT
RT: @ftrain: The mother of a “distressed” AOL baby writes in slate.com/articles/doubl… – 06:17 PM GMT
RT: @moniguzman: Seattle can’t count: 700,000 at Seahawks parade? Doesn’t add up, experts say seattletimes.com/html/localnews… – 06:18 PM GMT
slow-cooker chicken pot pie beef stew for snow day pic.twitter.com/DaFJDkdXNY – 08:05 PM GMT
RT: @susanjrobertson: This tops the things I’ve seen this weekend due to weather, a dude ice skating on the street instagram.com/p/kNEm1ZMGuK/ // via @writingthesurf – 08:07 PM GMT
@mubay? was that ice skater you? i wasn’t sure due to lack of suit. – 08:08 PM GMT
giant black widow in the woodpile moving verrry slowwwwly due to cold. brushed her back into cover, knocked her egg coddles off wood. – 08:41 PM GMT
Snowtini pic.twitter.com/LEXcOSgws8 – 09:00 PM GMT
@manwhoyells smoke flava – 11:22 PM GMT
@manwhoyells @mubay like vikings – 11:25 PM GMT