@alantutorial blue dog painter artist guy dead – 01:10 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt passes the sniff test. OTOH I about choked on my beignet when I heard the OS in the new Jonze film “Her” is named Samantha – 05:41 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt heard some early raves, and some of the plot deets sound hilarious – 06:28 PM GMT
RT: @mathowie: The song Jingle Rock Bell (it’s still got it!): music.metafilter.com/2881/Jingle-Ro… – 06:29 PM GMT
@hell0jed i know this seems crazy but you need to take the snow hysteria seriously, I was just in Mad Park and that hill gwine be fuct. – 08:38 PM GMT
@hell0jed don’t drive and plan on some issues getting in. – 08:39 PM GMT
@hell0jed once a decade or so we get a big one that shuts the grid down completely. this may not be it but it overlaps the commute perfectly – 08:43 PM GMT