@sumit it’s a piperoo! – 01:07 AM GMT
RT: @G5SikhMedia: Sikh, Muslim & Hindu pilots of #WW2 who flew Spitfires built in #Birmingham. #Unity pic.twitter.com/Kr8wptxMTM – 01:49 AM GMT
Long-lost 1984 Atlantic thinkpiece on Stantz / Venkman et al privatized detention of unwanted trespassers in NYC. theawl.com/2013/12/the-po… – 02:04 AM GMT
@anildash dear Anil: please drop “Here’s” and “Here’s a” and go with “Link: ” instead. If you don’t mind. It’s jarring to see them at once. – 02:07 AM GMT
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@esinclai one has but to ask charlessilver.com/portraits.html – 04:36 AM GMT
@gjcharlet @manwhoyells GJ, my buddy manny in in NOLA. Send him off to do stuff. DMing you his cell # for texting purposes. – 10:51 PM GMT
@gjcharlet @manwhoyells if you can him arrested via text-based adventure instructions, we’ll call that a win all around. – 10:53 PM GMT
Revs. Tweaks. Ballistic and buoyancy adjustments. pic.twitter.com/5gaFt7h1lS – 11:40 PM GMT