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@BitterOldPunk “now”? – 02:13 AM GMT
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@deathmtn something jewelbox something – 02:26 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn oh damn I gots it: “pentimenti”, from pentimento, meaning, roughly, sketches or tentative thoughts – 02:28 AM GMT
@joshmillard get on up putchyer hands up – 07:21 AM GMT
RT: @History_Pics: The Graf Zeppelin being repaired in mid-air en route to Rio De Janeiro, 1934 pic.twitter.com/JQwzursbJU – 05:34 PM GMT
The image I just RT’d came via @Ufog. It kicked off a bout of floatything surfsearching. The research results are pursuant. – 05:37 PM GMT
First, I was (and remain) a bit confused by the image. I had thought the topside of the Graf was biaxially symmetric, with interior ladders. – 05:38 PM GMT
The streamlined blisters in the photo are staggered, and vary in size. Why is there a line over the side? Did they climb up from a gondola? – 05:39 PM GMT
These@questions, sadly, remain unanswered. However, what does one want to answer them? How about modern, hi-rez blueprints! – 05:40 PM GMT
highriskadventures.com/airships/ // by David Fowler. Graf Zeppelin II and Hindenburg. Galleries with PDFs. GZ rev date 2010. – 05:44 PM GMT
Which is awesome and all. – 05:44 PM GMT
David notes he hopes to tackle the US ships too, but it’s been some time, so let’s not count on that anytime soon. The work as is is great. – 05:46 PM GMT
let’s look at that in-flight pic again now that you’ve carefully examined the topside disposition of the gas vents on David’s drawing. – 05:48 PM GMT
Here’s a post with better sourcing: simotron.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/rep… – 05:48 PM GMT
Alfred Eisenstadt! Woah! – 05:49 PM GMT
And the vents don’t look right. Oh! Of course. This is the Graf Zeppelin I, not II. So David’s plans are for a different ship. D’oh. – 05:50 PM GMT
Right. So what have we got on GZ I? How about a 1929 Popular Mechanics article concerning an inflight repair? – 05:51 PM GMT
blog.modernmechanix.com/crew-risked-li… “Crew Risked Lives to Repair Graf Zeppelin” – “the stabilizing fin on the left side had been ripped open” oh dear – 05:53 PM GMT
@esinclai WUT – 05:54 PM GMT
@esinclai amazing – 06:02 PM GMT
so here’s a side view and cutaway showing access via interior ladder for the LZ-127. airships.net/lz127-graf-zep… – 06:13 PM GMT
No top plan showing the vents and functions yet. Keep digging. – 06:13 PM GMT
More on LZ-127 from Airships.net (which I am delighted to see still active): airships.net/lz127-graf-zep… – 06:15 PM GMT
pic.twitter.com/8Hxb5uQrCH – 06:33 PM GMT
Which originated here (better scans of the art, too): blog.modernmechanix.com/why-dont-we-bu… – 06:33 PM GMT
Russians too pic.twitter.com/TjRNXymjXr – 06:34 PM GMT
so all that led to this. gotta bake the bread. pic.twitter.com/OsnBwzlvWU – 09:31 PM GMT