@BitterOldPunk we’re all blocking out the visualization of a twenty-three baby midwinter pileup – 12:37 AM GMT
NPR has been eulogizing Peter O’Toole with an etymologically appropriate dick joke. I think that’s awesome. metafilter.com/134806/Last-of… – 01:19 AM GMT
Can’t link to the segment, darnit. – 01:21 AM GMT
so after our dog died i was motivated to complete an iPad-based Procreate-only painting, based on a pic of him. pic.twitter.com/i7KBkcNort – 01:26 AM GMT
it’s impossible to determine based on my twitter app UI (Tweetbot) but I think that’s the current and interim “final” state. – 01:28 AM GMT
Viv told me she wants that as a wall-hung artpiece for Xmas. So, with reservations concerning my painting quality, commitment, etc … – 01:30 AM GMT
I ordered a sealed giclee-on-canvas-on-stretcher. – 01:31 AM GMT
It is astonishing. I did not add a layer of digital-only impAsto shadows or anything, which means the image is entirely 1D with no elevation – 01:33 AM GMT
It is very, very persuasive. My marks are generally broad and intended to indicate planes. in order to achieve that on canvas I tend – 01:35 AM GMT
to use a loaded brush, the density of the pigment effacing my missteps. – 01:35 AM GMT
The stretched giclee has no depth or history to my marks, and as a result, the end object appears to be the work of a painter so supreme – 01:36 AM GMT
in confidence and accuracy of mark that the hand behind the image never used a loaded brush, but instead confidently applied the correction – 01:38 AM GMT
with no variance in brush load or uncertainty in stroke. astonishing, and truly, most astonishing to me, … – 01:39 AM GMT
… because I never know what the fuck I am doing. Not that I would have it any other way, but damn, that thing looks good. Better than it is. – 01:40 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt yes, and yes. Leg cancer, then amputation, then gut comeback. He was the best, and my good buddy, i think as noted: the best. – 01:41 AM GMT
RT: @EricIndiana: This is my best tweet ever – 01:45 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt yes, he was. – 02:10 AM GMT
@hell0jed you want hamrick.com – 07:34 AM GMT
@hell0jed it has a TERRIBLE ui but it is EXTREMELY full featured. – 05:20 PM GMT
@levarburton that’s WITH the visor, man 🙂 – 05:22 PM GMT