Please address the following issues in the iOS app:

1. Departing the app and performing other tasks in iOS often resets the scroll state of the currently-being-read article to the top of the article rather than presenting the scroll state to the reader w it was when the reader switched to another app.

This is infuriating.

2. Related, please add a bookmarking feature such that should scroll state be lost for whatever reason, the reader can at least set scroll state to the last bookmarked position. This would also allow a reader to rapidly switch between specific locations in multiple articles, as well.

3. Please enable arbitrary zooming of photos and illustrations. At least once an issue I attempt to do this. Just as is the case with the loss of scroll state, it is infuriating: it communicates a visceral sense of hatred of the reader, unintentionally, but unmistakably.

Disregarding fundamental operating system behavior at the app level is the issue here; it communicates that you, the app publisher, expect me, your customer, to alter the way I expect my device to respond to my input when I am using your app. It adds needless distraction and confusion to the experience of using your app, and in the end, if left unremedied, will drive me away from it altogether, and presumably therefore, away from the magazine in the end as well, since I simply do not even look at the print version any more.

I think we both would prefer to avoid that.

4. Please add a method for providing technical and usability feedback such as this within the app itself. In order to write this, I’ve had to switch out of the app, causing… a loss of scroll state.

I am confident you will addess these issues in a timely fashion. Thanks very much.