@arthurwyatt you should d/l all the fake ones and play them instead until they catch on. – 04:33 AM GMT
@praguepainter good plan. – 08:42 AM GMT
@praguepainter appears to be historically correct! Last model I made was a cardstock P-51D, iirc. – 09:35 AM GMT
@praguepainter NO! A cardstock sparrowhawk, still unfinished, at least 15 years old. – 09:36 AM GMT
@praguepainter built version, same model, not mine: papermodelers.com/gallery/showph… // built a swallow from same company as a kid – 09:40 AM GMT
@iasshole hey now he’s got two, three hours to make good – 09:42 AM GMT
Well, an hourlong drive thru a snow commute to deliver emergency diabetic supplies is not quite how I thought this day would start – 04:54 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt made it to T-town, waiting around in the parking facility for the handoff – 05:00 PM GMT
@DanEngler have your mom try – 07:45 PM GMT
@manwhoyells @iasshole he was right on the money this time – 11:19 PM GMT