@esinclai @anticdent who knew? chrisdent.co.uk/portfolio – 02:24 AM GMT
@esinclai @anticdent or designs for bluetooth alert systems – 02:46 AM GMT
@esinclai @anticdent now I wonder if the Bloomington pen and ink guy ever got a website – 02:46 AM GMT
@esinclai @anticdent @paulSmedberg I could walk to the room wherein the one I own hangs upon the wall in a frame. Perhaps in a moment. – 03:16 AM GMT
@esinclai @anticdent @paulSmedberg no sig! hm. Redman might know, or Weaver. – 03:43 AM GMT
@anticdent @esinclai look pal he’s on your side of the pond, man – 03:44 AM GMT
@anticdent @esinclai but roit, anyway: @chrisdentldn, @anticdent: your namespace overlaps, gents – 03:47 AM GMT
@esinclai @anticdent @paulSmedberg This guy, maybe. markrigginsart.com/2201.html // hard to tell from the small repros. – 03:56 AM GMT
@anildash @rathergood.com rathergood.com/gaybar – 04:06 AM GMT
@hell0jed because of the President? Could be. – 08:34 AM GMT
@hell0jed bookmark this: wsdot.com/traffic/seattl… – 08:36 AM GMT
@hell0jed and here’s one which uses gmaps traffic. mynorthwest.com/category/traff… – 08:38 AM GMT
@hell0jed i’d say get close, assess reported traffic, decide – 08:38 AM GMT
@johnmoe maybe not: fda.gov/ICECI/Enforcem… – 05:14 PM GMT
@hell0jed beautiful country over there – 07:47 PM GMT
@michaelhoffman @23andMe community thread (login req): 23andme.com/you/community/… – 07:58 PM GMT
@michaelhoffman Bloomberg story with a smidge of analysis (implies insurer complaints as possible catalyst) bloomberg.com/news/2013-11-2… – 08:00 PM GMT