@DanEngler @arthurwyatt gurgHHHHXXxlkle gaaaaaaakkkk – 01:49 AM GMT
@hell0jed you did it! Viv said traffic was clear. – 02:30 AM GMT
@hell0jed well then, that’s the way we roll! or don’t. – 04:42 AM GMT
@iasshole oooh! Can I bring some drop off? – 04:49 AM GMT
Ison / Encke gif (no kittens, needs) – 04:53 AM GMT
spaceweather.com/images2013/25n… – 04:54 AM GMT
@iasshole ooo you saucy laundry ladies – 06:12 AM GMT
so here’s the deal: the SS Bonaventure is/is not the first canon ship with warp capacity, in the Schrõdingerian sense. Look it up. – 06:45 AM GMT
That took me hours to figure out late last night. Good to know I can still allocate my time wisely. – 06:45 AM GMT
@manwhoyells via app – 08:13 AM GMT
@praguepainter neat! – 03:50 PM GMT
attn .@brownpau RT .@praguepainter David Nixon, Outer space architect and designer, exhibit in Prague at NTK nahranicivesmiru.cz/index_en.html – 03:51 PM GMT
attn .@johnpstrohm speaking of: RT .@arthurwyatt blogs.reuters.com/felix-salmon/2… GoldieBlox, fair use, and the cult of disruption (Salomon, Reuters) – 03:59 PM GMT
@praguepainter fantastic, you’ve fond an unread Malzberg for me. I KISS YOU. – 04:06 PM GMT
hm, google.com is resolving to from within my LAN, better check it on a phone – 04:37 PM GMT
@praguepainter dude, I love Malzberg. sold! – 04:41 PM GMT
@praguepainter nice! every so often I try to find JP’s astronaut head online (I believe it’s called “zero gravity” or similar) but never yet – 04:45 PM GMT
@praguepainter Malzberg enthusiasm: htmlgiant.com/reviews/25-poi… – 05:14 PM GMT
@manwhoyells ha ha no it’s a rickety chain of redirects ISP > Google public DNS > VPN provider with a local implementation i never use – 05:42 PM GMT
@manwhoyells in this instance it appears a wifi node had a brainfart. reboot, rock on. – 05:43 PM GMT
@manwhoyells i did actually find and run a System 7 DNS for a minute or two circa ‘99 – 05:44 PM GMT
@manwhoyells what i should get on is that all-Newton stack – 05:45 PM GMT
@sumit speaking of formalin laphamsquarterly.org/roundtable/rou… (via Mefi) – 06:33 PM GMT
attn @johnpstrohm bit.ly/1exItWy (internet smart guy / good dude Andy Baio on GBvBB) – 08:03 PM GMT