@theBees CAPTIVE AGAIN – 12:33 AM GMT
@poupou sound plan. – 01:09 AM GMT
At “Grog,” Ballard, which features a handsome copy of Mr JMW Turner’s “The Fighting Temeraire”. pic.twitter.com/upGBWdVG4H – 05:55 AM GMT
Any day that involves a random encounter with Turner, so recognized in the moment, is a great fucking day. – 05:56 AM GMT
@matthetube i have nooooo way to tell – 08:38 AM GMT
@hell0jed they play Sea Change and Rehab in a Wyoming Outback? – 08:43 AM GMT
RT: @_py: Blasphabulous @glovelace: This is brilliant! London transport version of Lord’s prayer. Crouch End to that. pic.twitter.com/VfEx72oq7A – 08:50 AM GMT
@mathowie I actually, literally, can’t recall last time my daily Mefi was majority non-iOS. You guys are lucky, due to limited feature creep – 08:54 AM GMT
@mathowie like, when FB or aggregator site X fuxit up in-browser (via bad AJAX or FUXAKE “tablet” UI or iOS interstitial app ad) … – 08:57 AM GMT
@mathowie … I usually just move on. No app, no fancy UX bs: right idea. keep on keepin’ on. – 08:59 AM GMT