my eyebrow hair is long enough that it has started getting into my eyes – 12:18 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm @marc999fm hoo boy. Marc, I’ll need to see an ID. – 02:12 AM GMT
@marc999fm @johnpstrohm ID ID’d. You were LH crew back in the day. Did you join us at the justly-celebrated Naked Guy event? – 02:16 AM GMT
@marc999fm @johnpstrohm boom. the Naked Guy was Steve the Head, he’s yet to internet resurface. Not sure I had a phone in my room. – 02:18 AM GMT
@marc999fm @johnpstrohm Laird would have had a phone, and a desk even. So prolly his room. – 02:19 AM GMT
@marc999fm @johnpstrohm so anyway. Long before he passed away (well, four years before) his folks decided to sell the house. 1988. – 02:20 AM GMT
@marc999fm @johnpstrohm by then there had been two years of untended cat poop in that half-bath. Realtors gamely trooped the slumlords thru. – 02:21 AM GMT
@marc999fm @johnpstrohm it sold and AFAIK has been student rental ever since. Local ska-sters Johnny Socko had it as a band house for a few. – 02:22 AM GMT
@marc999fm @johnpstrohm Last time I visited it was theirs, 1992 or so. No discernible stench. Next time we’ll do it proper. – 02:23 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm @marc999fm might even have been after ‘92 by a bit. Long time ago by now anyway. – 02:26 AM GMT
@marc999fm @johnpstrohm funny thing, even though we had two years of shows at that house, the prior one is the one I still have dreams of. – 02:29 AM GMT
@marc999fm @johnpstrohm it is also still student ghetto. Midnight Butthole Surfers. First Violent Femmes LP. Glenn Danzig getting doused. – 02:30 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm @marc999fm hand out that HYF vinyl at Discount Den – 02:30 AM GMT
owning a house makes me so crabby. the fireplace, though. basically a shack and a woodstove would be cool. – 05:26 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo “autobios comics” ftfy – 05:32 AM GMT
@sumit cave nice. fire good. /squints suspiciously at caveneighbor’s newfangled “wheel” – 02:54 PM GMT
RT: @winjer: Ogre Designers Edition – 02:56 PM GMT
duly noted – 04:27 PM GMT