@ezrakilty in-app buy! – 01:09 AM GMT
@ezrakilty “World of Rope,” oh geez, i kill me – 01:10 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm wow dude. if i still had the “Hate yr friends” tee I’d be waving my hand around, but time and tide has swept it away – 02:40 AM GMT
Spotted on FB, Rezillos, Flying Saucer Attack. I have and treasure the vinyl. youtu.be/IgmbfXld3z8 – 04:47 AM GMT
Train horn? Or boat? – 06:01 PM GMT
must be a boat in Ballard harbor – 06:02 PM GMT
@mubay @whybark find each other and have a drink – 06:11 PM GMT
@mubay not i but apparently @whybark is (Josh, PDX, web dude, distant distant distant cuz, long story. have him tell you) – 06:13 PM GMT