@BitterOldPunk @frankrogan I had the intent to tune in in the 3rd. I found the game, saw the score and took my hat off sadly for a moment. – 02:04 AM GMT
@mubay awesome and horribly entitled all at once. but very much like an SF novel. HMMM – 02:09 AM GMT
@DanEngler @mubay that’s it we’re all booking – 02:09 AM GMT
@tclancy dude, the feels – 02:13 AM GMT
1. oven roast chicken taking WAY TOO LONG2. JB ATV2 rehomed on new screen with reasonable results3. we took no salmon-run hike today 🙁 – 02:15 AM GMT
@esinclai wow, get back to me – 02:17 AM GMT
@Longreads @emilybazelon @Slate @madamjujujive woah, thanks mjj. – 03:00 AM GMT
@gjcharlet 1. go to my oven2. take out roast chicken3. eat pic.twitter.com/4qR4C75ZgX – 03:02 AM GMT
@christy_ms Christy, you dropped the Twitter username you were hoping to address, just fyi – 05:57 AM GMT
@madamjujujive such as it is or appears – 05:59 AM GMT
@mubay cargocollective.com/phildesignart/… – 06:04 AM GMT
@imontheradio recipes, ha! – 06:05 AM GMT
some iOS games that I wish existed – 07:51 AM GMT
Zeppelin simulator – 07:51 AM GMT
non-twitch persistent sandbox universe Traveller, zero tablet-waving navsim component, zero tappity combat. EV iOS, of course. MM cool. – 07:53 AM GMT
Age of Sail Bosuns Edition: detailed multi-masted sailing ship sim. From top-heavy galleons to the fleetest clipper ship. Technology sim. – 07:56 AM GMT
World of Rope: From Troy to Manila. Learn about rope technology, manufacture, and use through the millennia. – 07:58 AM GMT
The Happy Hearth: Fireplace and Coal Stove combustion management and simulation – 07:59 AM GMT
@DanEngler ah yes. X-Plane iOS has an STS sim & an Apollo sim inbuilt. Lots of ‘don’t touch that’ in there. – 08:00 AM GMT
I should note there are sailing sims out there, but the ones that are realistic focus on contemporary leisure sailing. – 08:03 AM GMT
The ones featuring older vessels don’t often include much in the way of crew management. Which reminds me! – 08:04 AM GMT
Star Trek: Bridge Commander has been abandonware since it was released, and even though the vessel is the 1701-D, it’s what I want for sail. – 08:05 AM GMT
on iOS, that is. Which, yeah, nope. Having ST:BC on iOS would be awesome on its own, for that matter. – 08:06 AM GMT
@praguepainter yeah there’s a bunch in that genre. the ones with tall ships usually focus on other aspects of the vessels than crewing. – 08:57 AM GMT
@praguepainter which totally makes sense, that’s harder to translate to a game than ship movement and stuff – 08:58 AM GMT
@sculpin fireplace insert or pellet stove? blower or no blower? oops, your firemesh curtain melted. penalty, you’ve violated the burn ban. – 03:30 PM GMT
@sculpin warning, green wood! angry neighbors storm your home. oh no! not enough kindling! laminate scrap wood: burn or not? – 03:31 PM GMT