@johnmoe dear lord and I thought the kitty wells one was disturbed – 01:09 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt TMI – 01:15 AM GMT
maybe I should rig power outages at my house like twice a month – 01:22 AM GMT
RT: @kokudaimiumiu: 軍艦巻きって軍艦巻いてる姿想像したんだけど、、、検索したら想像よりハイレベルな物出てきて内心焦ってる pic.twitter.com/D1lwtzJaL5 – 06:52 AM GMT
@christy_ms is Kevin on Twitter? – 07:36 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt this is good feedback. however, the only way it will have an effect is if they are evangelical about the viewpoint. – 07:38 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo i’ve never posted once about my weight and body image issues sirrah – 07:40 AM GMT
RT: @SamSykesSwears: This picture was intended to illustrate the “horrors” of suffrage, but damn if that doesn’t look like an awesome bar pic.twitter.com/5Ch5k8uiBc – 07:41 AM GMT
@christy_ms @kokudaimiumiu attn @ancientwaykevin – 08:12 AM GMT
someone posted some clips on FB from the Vulgar Boatmen show now ongoing in the midwest and it is like ta kill me – 08:14 AM GMT
@christy_ms @ancientwaykevin for everyone! cheap! – 08:14 AM GMT
more than ten years and four thousand miles away: youtu.be/YOJ1lDHhv84 – 09:03 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk dude! – 06:46 PM GMT