@bradleystein we used to call that Bourbon Surprise (with bourbon, obvs). The surprise happens when you try to stand up. – 03:21 AM GMT
RT: @jackwilliambell: My company is hiring a Senior PM and a J2EE Java dev. Know anyone looking for work in #Seattle? (Pls RT) #jobs – 03:31 AM GMT
dangerousminds.net/comments/every… // worth a couple minits – 05:53 AM GMT
Ah! last season of Poirot! Yayy! Dang! So dark! – 05:56 AM GMT
These late ones always make me sad my Christie-loving complicated-family grandmother passed away before I knew the work. – 05:56 AM GMT
Special-ordered vegetarian hippie cult restaurant cookbook. Said venue, favored childhood nosh joint. No really. Best food. Cult hippies. – 05:59 AM GMT
Flipped thru book, not sure I want to make any of the dishes. 🙁 – 06:00 AM GMT
@Elizabeth_Cook @TGroman @TheMusicRoomme @mitllorrac Gizmos / date venue? – 06:01 AM GMT
Oh yeah! Except for “Hobbit Pie”. That one imagunna. – 06:12 AM GMT
dammit now I’ve made myself hungry. – 06:12 AM GMT
no really, “Hobbit Pie.” – 08:44 AM GMT
@xaimeh cartwheel into the scanner – 09:05 PM GMT
Yow, that is some quality PNW murk out there today. – 09:39 PM GMT
@marikamalaea is it a DVD remote? A calculator? Some sort of seekrit spy encryption device? a radar gun? – 10:01 PM GMT
@Elizabeth_Cook @TGroman @TheMusicRoomme @mitllorrac venue link: do317.com/event/2013/12/… // on-sale FRIDAY – 11:07 PM GMT
@jbacon Shocked! I am SHOCKED to find there’s been irresponsible lawgiving in this establishment. – 11:10 PM GMT