@hodgman whistle the theme from Taxi when you are out on the sidewalk – 06:55 AM GMT
RT: @LeVostreGC: Place a smal dwellinge for birdes yn thy soule. – 07:16 AM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico yes! – 07:17 AM GMT
attn @mubay ffffound.com/image/58144dc7… – 07:47 AM GMT
@BoringPostcards answer: “voters rarely get to actually vote on the issue, and when they vote “no,” the stadiums get built anyway.” – 08:16 AM GMT
@BoringPostcards they just kept putting safeco on the ballot until it passed out here. – 11:53 AM GMT
@hodgman I sort of stole it from @maxsparber: metafilter.com/131250/Diamond… /// it’s really more of an homage – 01:43 PM GMT
@esinclai saw this via uncertain derivation t’other day. needs urchins and silly hats. Viv and I both were “Diagon Alley!” – 01:49 PM GMT
RT: @randlechris: sounds like the writers are really tying everything together for the season finale of Toronto – 05:27 PM GMT
nightman, fighter of the dayman – 05:30 PM GMT