@paulconstant dude that hidden images thing, soooo good – 12:37 AM GMT
@matthetube @arthurwyatt TUBE SCIENCE – 05:36 AM GMT
RT: @BJMendelson: You’ll never look at Australia the same way again pic.twitter.com/Z8ZqD8QgQ2 – 05:37 AM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico rocks in a pizza box. no, no, couldn’t be – 05:38 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @matthetube so very small it runs between the wheels – 05:41 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @matthetube well now, i feel you may be failing to take hellmouths into account in this analysis – 06:14 AM GMT
@manwhoyells CAT HEAD – 06:31 AM GMT
@manwhoyells observe! pic.twitter.com/SVjywswApj – 06:51 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt (motorcycle) – 06:51 AM GMT
hm, no storm yet. quiet.too quiet. – 07:00 AM GMT
well, there’s a start. gotta wargle the relative tonalities but hey! planar definition. pic.twitter.com/d97X9U8wcs – 07:40 AM GMT
@mubay we’re out of bourbon – 07:13 PM GMT
@ManMadeMoon @2000AD @arthurwyatt Dunc, hire Art to script it! I wanna see your flick! – 07:19 PM GMT
@mubay hurr hurr – 07:19 PM GMT
@whybark oh man – 07:32 PM GMT