Successful four hour 17 house exploratory expedition – 02:34 AM GMT
two drive-by realtor cardings – 02:35 AM GMT
@manwhoyells maybe x3 – 07:44 AM GMT
aw, man, that last paragraph in Patti Smith’s Lou Reed valediction. The world’s behind him. – 06:36 PM GMT
RT: @hell0jed: question for seattle residents: Is it super hard to live on the west side and work eastside? Or is that commute across a bridge super-hard – 08:31 PM GMT
@hell0jed lots of folks do it; no personal experience. Seems to me most folks I know that have done both come back to Seattle proper. – 08:32 PM GMT
@hell0jed that may be demographic, though. If you are oriented to owning a suburban house, you would look over there to start. – 08:33 PM GMT