RT: @KUOW: This week we air a series of stories by Tonya Mosley exploring the question: What is it like to be #blackinseattle? bit.ly/1bvkhBl – 12:49 AM GMT
@TonyaMosley #blackinseattle is the best local-interest thing I have heard on KUOW in *years*. More please! – 12:51 AM GMT
@hell0jed cf. “Gravity” – 12:53 AM GMT
RT: @kathleenhanna: My band is playing Olympia Washington!!!! – kathleenhanna.com/my-band-is-pla… – 12:55 AM GMT
@wasta @poupou I can prolly still help with this if need be – 12:59 AM GMT
RT: @sugarfreak: No Comments, No Masters. – 12:59 AM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 @LeavittAlone now, hang on, I do that – 01:01 AM GMT
@wasta @poupou no I meant OUTSIDE VOICE guy but your words remain wise – 02:04 AM GMT
@hell0jed yeah yes actually. oxygen deprivation hallucinations. – 02:05 AM GMT
@iasshole it’s acceptable to downshift to straw sippage after the first three. – 02:07 AM GMT
@hell0jed Let’s do the Time Warp agaaaain – 04:12 AM GMT
@mubay could it be a mine? – 04:20 AM GMT
500mb Wintel homebrew 3D game-engine complete sandbox NCC-1701 (not 1701A or later): gambitrealm.com/index.php?ID=4… // released July 2013 – 05:25 AM GMT
@mubay rule 43 – 05:27 AM GMT
RT: @Matt_Alt: Here are translations of the very first uses of the word “otaku” in Japanese media: neojaponisme.com/2008/04/02/wha… neojaponisme.com/2011/06/23/i-d… – 05:33 AM GMT
RT: @alan_maguire: My wifi-blocker startup is being poorly received at #websummit. “IT’S DISRUPTIVE” I scream at a 49-year old man with two laptops. – 01:38 PM GMT
@jebbanner lol. that’s when your voice cracks. 😉 – 02:03 PM GMT
RT: @alan_maguire: Bring into wider use progressive forms and methods of work! Struggle for a high level of culture in the servicing of disruption! #WebSummit – 02:26 PM GMT
RT: @alan_maguire: Startups! Persistently educate yourselves in disruptive convictions! Learn to live, work, and struggle as Innovators! #WebSummit – 02:26 PM GMT
RT: @alan_maguire: Perfect the style and method of apparatus work, raise responsibility and initiative, pay attention to the requests of investors!#WebSummit – 02:27 PM GMT
@alan_maguire you are killing it today disruptor-comrade – 02:27 PM GMT