RT: @tclancy: If we go to a Game 7 on Halloween, I need all of Fenway to dress like it’s 1918. – 12:53 AM GMT
@fredalovesmith you guys need some money for food? ;)Loving these, keep it uo – 12:54 AM GMT
@poupou have you introduced her to OUTSIDE VOICE guy? – 01:13 AM GMT
@pansiefl62m94p fuck the hell off – 01:18 AM GMT
@dansinker your feels, I has them – 01:19 AM GMT
@gjcharlet “Ten-year-old Heaven Wilt gained the cast’s respect by making a man pee himself on her first night.” heh – 01:02 PM GMT
@manwhoyells @mubay har har! The workish HTML thing took all day. But I did review my setup. – 11:58 PM GMT
@manwhoyells @mubay least-work path is possibly exporting from MT to (n); that requires some complicated skinning and asset wrangling. – 11:59 PM GMT