RT: @deathmtn: Buddy is the ultimate bro’s cat name. – 12:01 AM GMT
200 vinyl records, a turntable, and a loud stereo in your workspace: baseline needs. This has been known since 1970. What’s the holdup? – 12:05 AM GMT
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@seattleweekly @kcfennessy misread as 12-year-old arrested with etc – 12:07 AM GMT
also skips – 12:08 AM GMT
RT: @mwhybark2: Kingdome, 1981: youtu.be/dRqteDXb3Yk (ultralight + paper airplanes) – 02:33 AM GMT
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@ezrakilty pretty sure the underground part starts roundabout now. i mean, unless it’s cremation or they actually fly him into the sun. – 07:44 AM GMT