@arthurwyatt @jamesgraham I think we must await the storm output – 12:48 AM GMT
@whybark mine too, man. – 12:49 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt Osiris Claus: fan. I mean I guess. – 12:50 AM GMT
RT: @ThisIsMyJam: More than half of all jams being posted right now are by Lou Reed / The Velvet Underground. (We’ve never seen anything like this before). – 12:57 AM GMT
RT: @Shakespeare: Lou Reed’s soul has a four-octave range when he sings. – 02:15 AM GMT
@Shakespeare nice – 02:16 AM GMT
@paulconstant “intense, almost religious fervor for transparency” – please elaborate – 04:06 AM GMT
@paulconstant fair enough. may merit an edit, your call. otherwise, nice piece! – 04:22 AM GMT
@lorenacupcake can’t say I’ve every really visualized Dan DeCarlo in a corset before. – 04:45 AM GMT
@matthewbaldwin PDX then – 05:19 AM GMT
@joshmillard Future Imperfect (“fake son”) iirc – 04:40 PM GMT
Good lord pic.twitter.com/YubexvFtAG – 08:31 PM GMT
And that’s just the vynil – 08:31 PM GMT
@imontheradio no bigs, hadda edit it down too much. A pal posted about listening to the Snap spook show on Facebook, he was entranced. – 08:32 PM GMT
RT: @BitterOldPunk: ☑ Remember Me#myepitaph – 10:13 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk bad ass! – 10:13 PM GMT