Sadly, I *hated* “Cabin in the Woods.” I had such high hopes! – 12:02 AM GMT
on iOS @kenningsa doubtful. the issue is my taste, not the skill with which the film was made. – 01:52 AM GMT
@kenningsa to clarify: I love @cstross’ Laundry stories, and I love Lovecraft’s mythos. But I identify withCharlie’s bureaucrats. – 01:57 AM GMT
@kenningsa “Cabin’s” loathesome bureaucrats are not meant for us to identify with. Which OK, whatever. Nihilism is something I like too. – 02:00 AM GMT
@kenningsa so the film’s underlying ethos is actually quite Lovecraftian: God is real, wants to kill you, so give up. Very black metal. – 02:01 AM GMT
@kenningsa and that’s not where I’m at. “God isn’t real, so never give up,” is more my speed. Totally old fashioned of me, I know. – 02:02 AM GMT
@kenningsa …and now I have spent more time on the film than I ever wanted to. ai ai cthulhu fhtagn! – 02:03 AM GMT
@kenningsa well now, I loves me some Lem, all flavors. – 06:58 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt P47 maybe. X-wing: Kate? What’s a late-war Japanese fighter? – 04:37 PM GMT
@kenningsa grew up reading them, at one point I had read everything that had been translated, like in the 70s. – 10:41 PM GMT
@kenningsa YT playlist of Lem adaptations:… – 10:48 PM GMT
@kenningsa the German Ijon Tichy stuff is hilarious, well worth a look. – 10:48 PM GMT
@streetcrow @mcgee_gorgo sous les paves, le plage – 10:50 PM GMT