@gjcharlet @elizarde there’s the solution. put the mags in the car, drive to NOLA for a weekend, have GJ officiate at a pyre. – 12:45 AM GMT
@brownpau @collectorswkly AWESOME – 01:42 AM GMT
@mubay no, I did not draw this after I saw your tweet pic.twitter.com/X3SKpaFssB – 01:47 AM GMT
@mubay (where does P sleep, then?) – 01:48 AM GMT
@kenningsa geez, it’s been years. Cyberiad, Star Diaries (Tichy stories), and I think Tales of Pirx The Pilot, but those all lean humorous. – 11:54 AM GMT
@kenningsa seems I read at least one or two longer works beyond Solaris. I remember later thinking Ballard was somehow similar, not sure why – 11:56 AM GMT
@kenningsa must have read Futurological Congress and Return from the Stars. I bet that last one is the one that Ballard reminded me of. – 12:02 PM GMT
@kenningsa I just grab all the twitter and repost using IFTTT. I should do postprocessing but I always find something else to do when I try. – 05:03 PM GMT
@kenningsa Started doing it before Twitter offered exportable archives. Ideally, the blog would catch any online social content. – 05:04 PM GMT
@kenningsa realistically, formatting that content is too tricky. The objective would be to have a personal content repository. – 05:05 PM GMT
@kenningsa The actual human readable content starts in 2002 and fades out around 2007 iirc. The twitter hunks start in earnest around 2010. – 05:07 PM GMT