RT: @jackwilliambell: The GOP seems convinced they are doing more damage to Pres. Obama than to themselves. Are they illiterate, unable to read polls? #stupid – 03:30 AM GMT
@hell0jed “Bender” goddam right – 03:31 AM GMT
@hell0jed Bender was 100% brogrammer yo – 03:32 AM GMT
huh, I think I have a squarebound Moore Miracleman TPB from days of yore. Didn’t realize it was a thing. Of course, maybe I don’t have it. – 04:53 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt that explains the rainbow sparklies when i try to remember it more exact like – 05:23 AM GMT
RT: @desjardins: Son of slain Wisconsin Sikh temple leader Amardeep Kaleka (@armkaleka) to run against Paul Ryan via @AJAM alj.am/1hRZ6Md – 05:24 AM GMT
whut ebay.com/itm/Miracleman… – 05:26 AM GMT
possibly not that book but still WHUT – 05:27 AM GMT
WHUT amazon.com/Miracleman-Boo… – 05:28 AM GMT
Well, this should be fun tomorrow. Best I can tell, any Eclipse Moore MM I have is pre-TPB, likely US 1st run, 1985-1989. Def not complete. – 05:35 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm amen! – 01:51 PM GMT
@whybark aargh! I had a ticket in California which went to a prior address. The culprit: old address on drivers license. – 11:37 PM GMT
@whybark Traffic violation? Arrest unlikely. They prolly just found you guilty and fined you. So you’ll have to pay that. NOT A LAWYER. – 11:39 PM GMT
@whybark by which I mean go hire one, and listen to them, not me. It will add to your costs but imagine if your initial take is correct. – 11:40 PM GMT
RT: @hidvorak: ATTENTION ALL SEATTLE. BE AT CINERAMA, 9pm 10/25! “@GroovyBruce: Brew the coffee, Seattle! cinerama.com pic.twitter.com/K2shIVV8xb” – 11:47 PM GMT
“looking at a black man’s assertion he’s been ignored because of his race and social class, & then recasting that man as a child for laughs” – 11:57 PM GMT
…“is always going to be an affront to many people of color in America” gawker.com/kanye-west-kno… – 11:58 PM GMT
Fantastic contextualization of the Kanye-Kimmel thing. Remarkable. – 11:59 PM GMT