@sugarfreak @ElysianBrewing @atomicbooks that is some amazing distro reach – 12:59 AM GMT
RT: @JoanArkham: Thanks to everyone who helped me overthink my plate of beans! I think it came out pretty well. pic.twitter.com/gRZw8zFwIf – 01:05 AM GMT
@phirephoenix burn a half day writing a spec and submit it to your employer’s agency for bids. if it works, you get to manage the project. – 01:10 AM GMT
@phirephoenix ah, non-technical management. you need to say “no,” I think. i meant a technical temp agency, fwiw. – 01:36 AM GMT
A TNG wall color: puce. – 03:30 AM GMT
@DanaPerino loathsome person – 03:33 AM GMT
@madamjujujive yuck! Get that ick outta my feed! – 03:34 AM GMT
RT: @phirephoenix: Depression linked to evolutionary advantage in fighting infections: medicalnewstoday.com/releases/24242… ht @anarchival – 03:38 AM GMT
That depression/autoimmune overdrive thing is plenty interesting. – 03:38 AM GMT
attn @praguepainter gq.com/news-politics/… – 06:08 AM GMT
@poupou in the larger sense, as in taking one for the team, yes – 06:08 AM GMT