@JoanArkham this would be the canonical overthinking a plate of beans, yes? (12h should be fine) – 12:12 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt hm. noticed some rendering issues in chrome on a project recently. a way of reigniting browser wars for a subset of sites? – 12:15 AM GMT
Also: hello Twitter. I spent the weekend meeting my birth mother for the first time. Recommended! – 12:48 AM GMT
@JoanArkham you can do that later when you accidentally leave to cooked beans unrefrigerated for N hours. 😉 – 12:49 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt some baseline alignment issues that go away on reload. – 12:58 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt also i am spamming you with a bunch of pix off-twitter, apologies – 12:59 AM GMT
@gjcharlet @JoanArkham soak time? how long can you leave them out on the counter? – 01:00 AM GMT
@gjcharlet @JoanArkham ah, darn twitter reverse sort. I will eat your beans, coldchef. – 01:01 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt lordy – 01:45 AM GMT
@tracicle it did! there are some intra-US pink persons cultural differences to explore but I’m game. I grew up Yankeeish, them, not so much. – 06:19 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt I do this to viv, GoT & BE for set or costume design. not that i can recall for dialog. When i write i write about stuff i see. – 06:23 AM GMT
@christy_ms will call or something. you should prolly be seated when I do, and plan for an hour or more. love to all there. xoxo. – 06:31 AM GMT
@christy_ms not tonight tho, it’s late. – 06:31 AM GMT
@christy_ms some pix shared to your phone. I hope. – 06:42 AM GMT
@christy_ms swapping to txt – 06:53 AM GMT
@hell0jed Laundry / Veggie Tales fanfic, I approve cc @gjcharlet @cstross – 07:36 AM GMT