rare recumbent .@mubay sighting? no flourescent skinsuit. pic.twitter.com/0TYhXP93WE – 12:24 AM GMT
RT: @dmatthams: Google web designer is amazing I did this in just 10 minutes: bit.ly/Gzw3Sa – 12:36 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk @madamjujujive whatever we do, we shouldn’t run. I’m backing away slowly. – 06:15 AM GMT
@poupou what’s that password again? – 06:19 AM GMT
@indik @madamjujujive @BitterOldPunk @tclancy @SparklingBlue the only way to find out is to send some Asias of hornet to Oz. – 08:21 PM GMT
@KUOW @kcfennessy good timing, what with the FCC on furlough and all – 08:26 PM GMT
@indik @madamjujujive @BitterOldPunk @tclancy @SparklingBlue we should build a wall around Illinois just to be on the safe side. – 08:30 PM GMT
RT: @jonronson: By the way I’ve got a really nice, mysterious This American Life story this weekend – 11:45 PM GMT