6 thoughts on “Posters, part II

  1. This post isn’t about posters.
    I think you are my father.
    Heh heh – I think you were the guy – I told BHSN you were my father after a day of ditching school with Tim & Tom Welch. Then they would call you and wake you up and you’d tell them I was home sick yesterday.
    I live in Seattle too – I was banished from B-Town back to Vegas in 1984 so I’m not sure if you’d remember me very well. I was the same age as Jay Walters and Billy Foster….
    If you are who I think you are (and you are) – I must say this is quite a blogging discovery.

  2. I gotcha.

    I note that you have carefully not employed your first name on your site, but I think I have it.

    I do recall you, but not very well. What, how old were you? Fourteen?


  3. Yes. 14! Very good!
    I used to wake you up (calling from admin office at school) saying “Dad? Dad?! It’s *ME* and the *SCHOOL* wants to know that my absence was *EXCUSED* yesterday”
    And you’d say “Arr…huh? Wha? OH! Erm, okay”
    I think they only believed it about 5 times out of those ten.
    I practically lived with Tim & Tom, dated Keith Mazer from Indy (who also lives in Washington now, weird), visited a couple summers after then (1984).
    I think I have a picture of you playing hackey-sack in maybe 1986? Or no, maybe you’re about to spit water on me. That was it.
    Yes, I *try* to leave my first name off the site.
    You mentioned Brian dying on your site – is this Brian Friedman? I remember that. I called his house from Vegas just to catch up, and his Dad told me he died, and I felt so terrible – and HE kept telling me “I’m sorry” and I wanted to crawl under a rock.
    My 20 year-old brother goes to IU. Small world.
    Perhaps we can catch up sometime here…..(Seattle, not the blog)

  4. Yeah, Brian, among others.

    I was in the dorms at the time of the Great Telephone Scam I think.

    I would see Tim every now and then – he lived in SF until around ’94, then moved back to B-ton. Is Keith related to Mike, or are those different families?

    Bill lives in LA, he’s a photographer. Last I heard Jay was a massage therapist in Hawaii.

    Yeah, we can catch up sometime.

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