From the Taittiriya Upanishad

O wonderful! O wonderful! O wonderful!

I am food! I am food! I am food!

I eat food! I eat food! I eat food!

My name never dies, never dies, never dies!

I was born first in the first of the worlds, earlier than the gods, in the belly of what has no death!

Whoever gives me away has helped me the most!

I, who am food, eat the eater of food!

I have overcome this world!

He who knows this shines like the sun.
Such are the laws of the mystery!

This was found via a random click into Caterina’s site from dear pal Anne Zender‘s blogroll.

I LIKE it! Screw the context, I have no idea about it – I am FOOD!

(Today I was a delicious coq au vin.)

2 thoughts on “I AM FOOD!: idle clickery

  1. Caterina has been on my daily click for a while. One of these days, I shall get off my duff and add a link to her site. She has a lovely, lovely post on tea, as well as some neat rare book links.

    I am too tired, and my eyes hurt too badly to go hunt now for the relevant links (reading “Pattern Recognition” for a significant part of the night).

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