Same Difference is a 16-part online comic focusing on a Bay Area friendship between two twentysomethings. Jerry pointed it out, and it’s been getting citations for a few days, as the story arc just completed.

It’s really quite excellent – not standard webcomics fare, which can tend to reflect the demands of the web by presenting condensed, efficient bursts.

This well written and thoughtful, and the script takes its’ time in moving from point A to point B. Additionally, considering the work technically, the author, Derek Kirk Kim, has a strong grasp of comics craft.

In several passages he uses the story to display this command. While these presentations felt tentative, as though it was the artists’ first use of the method or that a given technique was being invented as the page was designed, they are uniformly successful.

In this thread, he’s invited reactions to and discussion of the 2-year project.