Libeskind Plan Chosen for World Trade Center Site (NYT) – which pleases me, I must say. The design struck me as head-and-shouldrs above he other designs. I thought I’d blogged the designs back in December, but apparently not.

In a reading experience simply PACKED with synchronicities, last night, after watching a terrifying NOVA devoted to the charmingly low-tech “Dirty Bomb,” which featured unsettlingly high-quality visualizations of a bomb-blast in London’s Trafalgar Square, I opened my March issue of Smithsonian to find a story (full text PDF) about the same thing.

A few pages in, and here’s a comprehensive profile of Daniel Libeskind.

And here we are, a day later. What’s next, a stunning revelation about Macchu Picchu?

One thought on “Libeskind plan selected

  1. Well, Lima, Peru. Close enough.

    The projectors at Seattle’s Cinerama Theater were discovered in Lima. I spent Thursday afternoon at the Cinerama, observing the calibration screenings for this week’s film festival.

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