He flew to a curtain rod. I gingerly displaced him on to the bidniss end of a flyswatter. He rode it in majestic, tiny calm to the door. – 12:01 AM GMT
… AND THEN, a baby squirrel cautiously peeked out at me from behind a deck fountain, dashing away, then returning. pic.twitter.com/1WdzVGBHjZ – 12:02 AM GMT
I’m a little fearful of what’s to come. Viv described the cat furiously murdering a beetle the size of a tennis ball the other day. Nawwww. – 12:03 AM GMT
.@matthewbaldwin imma hafta say this is the factual wheedle’s groove, given the wheedle’s lair location – 12:24 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt YES. man, that’s a lot of work. also, that’s uh, future nostalgia? – 12:38 AM GMT
@waxpancake interesting responses to your FUI stuff. Years ago I implemented an anime FUI as a DVD menu: plus.google.com/photos/1015233… – 01:18 AM GMT
.@waxpancake the anime series was “Bubblegum Crisis” and the FUI was the UI seen inside the characters’ combat mech armor, or “hardsuits”. – 01:20 AM GMT
.@waxpancake in order to replicate the UI, I capped a bunch of POV shots and started drawing. I realized that the designers had actually … – 01:21 AM GMT
.@waxpancake …taken a stab at developing the basis for a potentially functional UI! Gauges, menus change to reflect incidental plot info… – 01:23 AM GMT
.@waxpancake …beyond the specific main plot event. It was such a cool experience, almost like decoding a message from the past or something. – 01:25 AM GMT
.@waxpancake it has always made me wonder about the thought and planning involved in FUIs. Anyway, neat stuff! – 01:30 AM GMT
@waxpancake it was! I was expecting something functionally kin to TOS era blinkylights, but it was more akin to something like LCARS. – 01:34 AM GMT
Darmok! First time through in a few years. All the deliberate shoutouts to TOS, specifically “Arena” – so meta! SO GREAT! – 04:15 AM GMT
why yes, I shall mute the predatory marine invertebrate meme. – 04:20 AM GMT
@manwhoyells people were joking about it in twitter yesterday! – 05:22 PM GMT
@hell0jed I know this is ‘no shit sherlock,’ but you are fully aware you must be in treatment-needed depression, right? Go see someone. – 08:28 PM GMT
@hell0jed None of us on Twitter can physically make you do that, or move to CA. It’s up to you, or ask your fam to help if you can do that. – 08:29 PM GMT
@hell0jed good for you! – 08:30 PM GMT
@hell0jed please do ask for help from someone geographically near to you. we care out in the ether too but as noted, all I can do is this. – 10:01 PM GMT
@brownpau Butch Cassidy – 10:04 PM GMT
@brownpau Thelma and Louise? no, that was a fade out I think – 10:05 PM GMT
@phirephoenix @ardaniel @hell0jed thanks guys. LOVE BOMB FOR HELL0JED! (and his meatspace self) – 10:16 PM GMT