@mubay >.< – 02:53 AM GMT
sound of cat snoring from unknown nearby cubby – 02:53 AM GMT
@poupou zzzzzz. -> =.=^//( o)~~ – 02:58 AM GMT
@surlygourmand they will make no bot before its time – 04:41 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone it’s been like that from Seattle to Anchorage since the mid-70s. Thanks Night Stalker! Makes it hard to get any work done. – 05:10 PM GMT
@CarrieRickey @jtimpane @kcfennessy The Searchers bears direct relation to Quanah Parker? My mind is blown. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quanah_Pa… – 05:22 PM GMT
Today must be backyard critter day. Got back from the dog walk and turned around to see this: pic.twitter.com/22diEHOS9K – 11:59 PM GMT