@hell0jed @phirephoenix @ardaniel dude! So proud of you. No, seriously. Gettin’ a tear, like. – 01:19 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell just off phone from wife wo sez gridlock in So. Tacoma northbound. Dual lockup! – 01:21 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell left Ngate for Safeco at 4, got here at 5:30. Hurl. – 01:31 AM GMT
yo quiero chocolate chip cookies – 06:03 AM GMT
RT: @trishrobinson: DAMN! RT @shefalil Line of troopers coming up the steps #TXLege #HB2 pic.twitter.com/FlIEdLH7sx – 06:04 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt I should post this on MeFi and maybe I will but a thousand thanks for the heads up on the TOR MM reread. By now know: – 06:10 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt: my brainfathers: Tolkein, MM, Delany, and (it seems) Roddenberry. Of them I have been able to say TYVM to MM alone to date. – 06:12 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt sadly, hafta miss Delany reading l8r this month. Thinking about an appeal to literary powers that be, but likely booked 6 ways. – 06:14 AM GMT
noted. mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/ericmort… – 07:20 AM GMT
” The simple fact is that neither the underlying book nor the film itself reflect these views in any way, shape or… mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/lionsgat… – 07:23 AM GMT
piror redirect tweet – in regard to upcoming Ender’s Game film. Film’s producers assert book, etc., has zero to do with OSC’s homophobia. – 07:26 AM GMT
This is false. The book is a detailed examination of the experiential and political psychology of child abuse. Abuse, in book, is military. – 07:28 AM GMT
doesn’t take a military scientist to see act of genocide at heart of Ender’s Game is metaphorically the betrayal of trust in child abuse. – 07:31 AM GMT
many victims of child abuse imprint & repeat. it’s this behavior which has been historically generalized & demonized as homosexuality. – 07:34 AM GMT
it’s also clearly the precise form of predatory child abuse endemic in certain communities of religious authority. – 07:36 AM GMT
It’s no stretch of interpretation to see that OCS’s homophobia and Ender’s Game itself are reactions to this specific form of child abuse. – 07:38 AM GMT
I have no interest in the film or the book, despite enjoying it as a child. – 07:39 AM GMT
it in itself constitutes child abuse perpetrated by a helpless puppet, a slave to self-loathed desires. Break the cycle, skip the film. – 07:41 AM GMT
Have compassion for OSC but I myself am not compassionate enough to engage, or, really, to pity. He abused me, and you, with that book. – 07:43 AM GMT
Thanks @phirephoenix and @JoeTheDough! – 02:05 PM GMT
MT “@JoeTheDough: IMAX machine broke. No sound. Other patrons live dubbing the sound effects. Best thing ever.” (UK showing of Pacific Rim). – 02:14 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough it sounds awesome, maybe best possible improvement. because who hasn’t made monster roar and building smashy sounds? – 02:20 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone EAT – 03:15 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt Tues 23 7p SPL downtown – 03:16 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt hm, that’s interesting. wonder if he figures, as a back catalog guy, it’s best to keep out of the pool. Bet there’s bookz tho. – 05:17 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt quick! to the bookshop! before they all close! – 05:20 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt bibliography: isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi… – 05:26 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt I have a super nice edition of Dhalgren I would have brought, along with the bio & a couple obscurities. oh well. – 05:27 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone DON DRAPER. – 05:28 PM GMT
@zipties @poupou tree-climbing small children. – 05:30 PM GMT
RT: @LeavittAlone: for @mwhybark don on the rocks pic.twitter.com/Pnbegu1ziV – 06:45 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone thanks dude! – 06:45 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone i should totally redo the cryin’ don drawing, go slow, get it right – 06:46 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm to make the labeling true, they need to up the unit price – 06:53 PM GMT
@Hiya_Bo @JoeTheDough dude, get to the fucking doctor. I have been that sunburned, you are gonna need meds. – 11:37 PM GMT