this ees the garden spot of seeti alpha six – 02:48 AM GMT
“Captain Tyrell.” A shoutout to Blade Runner. Fuck yes. – 02:51 AM GMT
RT: @esinclai: Really just for Die Kreuzen… (at @DoubleDoor for Die Kreuzen, We Are Hex and Canadian Rifle w/ 2 others) – 03:43 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk do you remember the polkadot punk era? oh man. – 03:46 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @gjcharlet gentlemen. GJ is ColdChef and Art is atrw. git wit the twittin. – 03:51 AM GMT
.@BitterOldPunk I think Instill have some forehead dots around here someplace. And the ruffle collars? Amazing. So sexy. – 03:53 AM GMT
@mwhybark @arthurwyatt @gjcharlet er “artw” i mean. obvs. – 03:56 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm that totally a bad ass shirt. yours is ok too. – 04:01 AM GMT
RT: @mark_olson: Problem: iTunes is playing music on the computer in the other room.Solution: Stay in bed and use remote desktop to avoid walking 15 feet. – 04:04 AM GMT
@annkpowers Cocaine, also dumb. – 04:06 AM GMT
@samantham @manwhoyells cosign – 04:13 AM GMT
Immediate post STID ST2TWOK rewatch informs me that STID was more thoughtful in reworking of ST2 themes than I had thought. – 04:38 AM GMT
But the only way to know this? Immediate pre STID ST2 rewatch. Which STID producer discouraged when he lied about plot elements. – 04:40 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt LOL I tried to sell that too. But no go. – 05:19 AM GMT
@esinclai @BitterOldPunk well maybe. but i have to say if you ever did actually make it to a seabug hayride you were gald to have ’em. – 05:53 AM GMT
@esinclai @BitterOldPunk the whole DIY mosh-yr-own butter thing always struck me as totally bourgeois, undermining the butterchurners union – 06:24 AM GMT
apparently even hospital gowns are made with a tiny repeating Enterprise shield shape punched through the cloth – 06:43 AM GMT
And UFP corpsmen wear the command-logo star on their shoulderboards. Thing is, those logo elements started with NCC-1701A, in my timeline. – 06:45 AM GMT
so apparently they predate this arc’s NCC-1701. If they originate in a specific ship and have become supranationalist totems, I will move on – 06:47 AM GMT
RT: @arnettwill: LET’S BREAK THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!! – 06:48 AM GMT
@mwhybark well, not A, but you know – 06:48 AM GMT
@deathmtn @BitterOldPunk @esinclai how fondly I remember the afternoons in the park with a forty, scaring the passers by with tiddlywinks – 05:03 PM GMT
oops wrong account – 11:44 PM GMT
Rocket-dog. Laika dog. Space voyager. – 11:59 PM GMT
Moon eye pooch – 11:59 PM GMT