@tclancy mmm not a part of bosox nation but first game? Fenway 1972 Tigers @ Sox. Jastremski, Lee. Tigers win. I was 8. love that place. – 07:41 AM GMT
.@hell0jed I suggest it! there’s rarely a day I don’t swear at OS X due to usability bullshit which was 100% solid in System 7 – 9. Steeeev – 07:45 AM GMT
@emeraldcitycon @arthurwyatt The Amazon Bubble! Biodome. Dark Star. Wait, what? Not public? – 07:53 AM GMT
@anildash hm where would one find a neglected code base with wide installs designed for self hosting – 08:02 AM GMT
RT: @ftrain: Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of GILETTE SHAVING CREAM on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed. – 08:05 AM GMT
RT: @mcgee_gorgo: In all seriousness, why can’t Jodorowsky STILL make Dune? They gave the TRON guy enough money to make Oblivion, wtf – 08:06 AM GMT
@whybark oof – 08:24 AM GMT
@poupou no fucks given i sincerely hope – 08:25 AM GMT
RT: @sambosambo: Maybe the new Star Trek movies are telling the origin story of the Mirror Universe Enterprise. Next movie probably explains the goatees. – 03:41 PM GMT
Wow, TAS finally available online (along with all the rest)! startrek.com/videos – 03:44 PM GMT
RT: @dduane: Every Series, Every Episode of #StarTrek available online… tmblr.co/ZN-bbylnXwdE – 03:44 PM GMT
Saturday morning Trek cartoon! Yes! – 05:11 PM GMT
@edinblack I never watched them as a kid, but I know a fair amount about their production. They have a less-layered soundbed, so feel sparse – 05:15 PM GMT
@edinblack and they were a total shoestring production, cut corners show on screen. possibly why deemphasized by franchise. – 05:16 PM GMT
@edinblack although, this one I’m watching has the three elements (music, atmospheric bleeping and blooping, dialog) so maybe I am wrong – 05:21 PM GMT
@edinblack the pacing is weird, slower and kind of stuttery – 05:22 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt nuTrek! unTrek! – 05:28 PM GMT
I wonder if there are other streaming archives of old Saturday morning cartoons – 05:28 PM GMT
viv is urgently needed by candy crush – 05:29 PM GMT
@edinblack could be. iirc some subset of the episodes were rewrites of pitched scripts for TOS that weren’t shot, and TAS is a half-hour. – 06:08 PM GMT