@joshmillard …INNN SPAAAACE – 02:44 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk just wait until you decide you are going to enthusiastically follow live sporting events based in Asian countries – 03:50 AM GMT
@manwhoyells whaddya mean it’s right twice a day innit – 06:38 AM GMT
@hell0jed of course – 12:31 PM GMT
SONOFABITCH Tidbits April 1 issue got me GOOD. tidbits.com/issue/1167 – 12:55 PM GMT
@jebbanner ha, I’ll add that to my pile of needed-to-write. – 05:17 PM GMT
I had a dream in which Nancy Pearl was a pledge drive gopher, popping out of a book burrow every so often to survey the area for predators – 05:25 PM GMT
Big Lebowski cutsom toilet seat art, attn @mubay mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/the-big-… – 05:38 PM GMT