it is decidedly too early in the year to be tormented by sunburn itch in this manner. – 12:01 AM GMT
@mubay weirdly, I have never read nor watched any GoT anything – 12:23 AM GMT
@mubay they sound like such nice girls! – 03:06 AM GMT
@ezrakilty filthy! /slap – 03:07 AM GMT
grr vibrate for new email turned on somehow and it was making me crazy! all better now. – 05:39 AM GMT
I just realized that in all likelihood, this month is my 20th anniversary of being on the internet. – 06:56 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk damn you! your tasty treat instructions are causing me to hunger upon wakening! – 02:34 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk i have the ingrediments! I have the skill! I know what good B&G should taste like! – 02:38 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk variances: steel, bisquick, links cut up, half size – 03:43 PM GMT
@hell0jed although, in the weeds a double edged sword could prove handy. – 03:59 PM GMT
@hell0jed but you do, dude! you could totally still get a summer gig with the forestry service or whatever. now, our dataverse i grant… – 07:47 PM GMT
@hell0jed would Neal Cassady listen to jazz in Panera? NO! – 08:00 PM GMT
LAWN MOWED before the rain – 10:00 PM GMT
@Johnny_Dale @arthurwyatt @rakdaddy Great, now you’ve come up with a unified theory of Cars and Wall-E – 10:10 PM GMT
@rakdaddy @arthurwyatt @johnny_dale my understanding, (Mater transtemporally tells me), is that the Cars do contain the fatties, as husks – 10:22 PM GMT
@rakdaddy @arthurwyatt @johnny_dale and that the end of WALL-E is just the beginning of a generations-long enslavement plot – 10:23 PM GMT
@rakdaddy @arthurwyatt @johnny_dale Mater, or Matr-E, is a cisgendered Car-plant hybrid – 10:24 PM GMT
@rakdaddy @arthurwyatt @johnny_dale We have had E-interaction with a version of Matr-E in the form of John Tater, or Titor as some have it – 10:27 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @rakdaddy @johnny_dale fragile and curious creatures, these ugly bags of mostly water – 10:28 PM GMT