@paulconstant technically, that’s a good reason – 02:19 AM GMT
RT: @alan_maguire: I regret not getting a snack box before I came home from the pub. Please RT – 02:20 AM GMT
@zipties reimbursement feels like shifting risk cost to the worker if you can do some basic math – 04:17 AM GMT
@zipties that sounds sharper than meant, and please accept apologies as necessary. I do regard reimbursement practices as exploitation tho. – 04:24 AM GMT
i think maybe i forgot the vodka in my vodka and ginger ale. not necessarily a bad thing, mind – 04:37 AM GMT
this isn’t happiness.™ Peter Nidzgorski, tumblr mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/this-isn… – 04:46 AM GMT
Hm, not super happy with the crediting on newsblur reshares. I suppose that is somewhat downstream from tumblr no credits bs but forfuxake – 05:02 AM GMT
85 degrees at the beach and cool enough for a fire. Hell yes. – 05:32 AM GMT
@zipties well-parsed. – 05:38 AM GMT
@mwhybark I mean that literally; you understood my concerns and responded accurately: yay! concision in replies lacks social context, alas. – 05:44 AM GMT
@zipties I figured you’d grok. – 06:46 AM GMT
@samuelclay no doubt, the attrib is accurate to the cite. but as resharer, I can’t annotate or abbreviate w/ comment in NB UI. Baby steps. – 06:48 AM GMT
@samuelclay … and kudos for the reachout! No @ addressing or hashtags and still: engagement! – 06:52 AM GMT
@samuelclay hm, but my intended audience is outside NB and will always be, so your UI details are not exposed to my audience. Need. – 07:00 AM GMT
@samuelclay fair enough, happy to do that. my use case stuff is evolving in light of recent events 😉 and I’m still poking and prodding. – 07:02 AM GMT
@samuelclay … of course I have IRL stuff to do so tweetblurt comments are easy to generate. But heck yes the reader change is important. – 07:04 AM GMT
Positive feedback due to .@samuelclay of @newsblur, for directly engaging me regarding one of my driveby UI comments tonight. Bodes well. – 07:07 AM GMT
I swear I saw a Gary Panter “Jimbo” knockoff truck accessory, a tow rod cover, today. – 11:19 PM GMT