Outlandish deadlines for the March print ish of Cinescape this week. I’m heads down on the second-most time consuming one, a round-up of information on movies-in-production.

I was greatly pleased to see that Word:mac from Office v.X can treat FileMaker Pro databases as a direct merge import source, something that will increase my consistency and accuracy by a large amount when I’m doing the fact-checking part of the procedure.

Other tasks include an article for which there’ll be some significant transcription tasks, something I’m dog-slow at, a roundup of new points since the last ish was rounded up editorially, and that piece to write from the interview with Michael Moorcock.

He had a bit of trouble getting the interview back to me but I did get it on Saturday, and it was exciting to read. I won’t post it here until the print edition is out, sorry to say, but Michael gave fascinating answers to many things I’ve long been curious about in his work.

One thought on “Print week begins

  1. I may just have to pick up a copy of Cinescape, despite not being a magazine sorta person. Moorcock is one of the legendary writers for me. Not that I won’t appreciate the post here as well!

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